Thanking developers around the community

I am sure that you know but Tweaked for your Pleasure uses a blogging system called WordPress that allows this blog to easily be updated. After reading this blog post at WordPress Development (click here) that I learnt something myself.

I learnt that it is very easy to forget the people that helps you not both online, but within your lives as well. Tweaked for your Pleasure has used WordPress for ages now and it is only right, no that ain’t the word. It is my duty to praise WordPress for what it as done.

In spirit of this, I am publicly saying “Thank you Matt and to everyone else that has made WordPress what it is”.

Adding onto that, Just a Community uses bbPress as it back end for the forum. I would like to thank the team that makes bbPress (just so happens, the same company ;)) for the wonderful forum script that has been made.

Readers, you got anyone you think you should say thanks too (For this post, limiting only to online stuff like services, companies etc).

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